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Wellington International Airport

Wellington International Airport is an international airport in Wellington, the Capital of New Zealand. In recent years the airport has invested in expanding the facilities to cope with increased passenger numbers.

Wellington airport

The problem

Wellington Airport previously used warm hand dryers and paper towels. Their motivations for changing hand drying method were to find a more environmentally sustainable form of hand drying, also wanting to avoid the slip hazard that can result from water on the floor.

Paper towels

Our solution

Project Architect, Katherine Skipper explains. "The Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry provided the perfect solution for the problems they were having with water on the floor and constant restocking of paper towels."

Paper towels
Wellington Airport logo

"The Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry are a very premium looking product. Very modern, sleek design in keeping with the rest of the airport."

Simon Hart Wellington Airport Facilities Manager

Improved user experience and less maintenance

Using Dyson Wash+Dry products has significantly improved the experience of the travellers through the airport. Reduced water on the floor and paper towel mess.

Image of bathroom
Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry logo

Airblade hand drying technology in a tap

• Costs $34 per year (99% saving against paper towels)
• Dry time: 14 seconds
• Noise level: 81dB


Excluding GST

Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry wall

Key features

  • 14 second drying time

    Faster dry times

    Thanks to a 14 second dry time, customers don't have to wait as long in the washroom, and they no longer leave with damp hands – a hygiene hazard.

  • Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry washing hands in a sink

    Cleaner washrooms

    With Airblade technology in a tap, hands are washed and dried at the sink, so no water is dripped on the floor.

  • Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry drying hands over a sink

    More space

    With hand washing and drying now in the same place, valuable washroom space is now available for additional baby changing facilities.

Recommended products

  • Dyson Airblade 9kJ hand dryer

    Dyson Airblade 9kJ logo

    The fastest most energy efficient HEPA-filtered hand dryer1

    • Dry time: 10-12 seconds
    • Noise level: 79dB
    • Rated power: 900W (Max), 650W (Eco)
    • Dimensions: H 500 x L 100 x W 450 mm

  • Dyson Airblade V hand dryer

    Dyson Airblade V logo

    30% quieter than it's predecessor. Slim, compact and ADA compliant.

    • Dry time: 12 seconds
    • Noise level: 79dB
    • Rated power: 1,000W
    • Dimensions: H 100 x L 394 x W 234 mm

  • Dyson Airblade dB hand dryer

    Dyson Airblade dB logo

    Dry hands in just 10 seconds. Up to 80% cheaper than other hand dryers.

    • Dry time: 10 seconds
    • Noise level: 84dB
    • Rated power: 1,600W
    • Dimensions: H 661 x L 247 x W 303 mm

See how Dyson technology can improve your business environment

Podium of Dyson products beneath Cu-Beam light

Why choose Dyson for business

1 Dry time and energy consumption calculated for Max mode. Dry time was determined using Dyson test method 769 based on NSF P335 to a measurement of 0.1g residual moisture.