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Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool™ Formaldehyde

Purifies, heats and cools the whole room.1 Even destroys formaldehyde.2

Removes 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns3

Purifies, heats and cools the whole room.1

Sealed to HEPA standard – what goes inside, stays inside4

the Dyson Hot+Cool Formaldehyde being used in a home

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    Purifies, heats and cools you.

    Advanced automatic sensing of airborne particles and gases, including formaldehyde.

    Advanced filtration with HEPA 13, Activated carbon and SCO filters.

    Projects purified air across the whole room.4

    Control and monitor your air quality from anywhere with the MyDyson™ app.

    H 764mm x L 130mm x W 248mm

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Breathe cleaner air at every moment

Many indoor activities and household products release invisible pollutants. Dyson air purifiers have been engineered to remove airborne particles – so you can breathe cleaner air.

Indoor activities that contirubte to indoor air pollution

Poor air quality isn't just a problem outside. It's a problem inside too.

From pets and flowers, to sprays and stoves, our homes can trap pollutants in the air. That's why Dyson air purifiers automatically sense and remove them.

Pollutant sources in a living space and kitchen

Common household pollutants

  • Formaldehyde molecule


    Painting, varnishes and printers

  • Benzene molecule

    Benzene and VOCs

    Traffic, building materials and furniture

  • Nitrogen dioxide molecule

    Nitrogen dioxide

    Road traffic, tobacco and fuel-burning heaters

  • Gas molecules


    Fumes and cooking

  • Pollen


    Pollen and allergens

  • Bacteria



  • PM2.5 particles


    Industrial emissions

  • PM0.1 particles


    Ultrafine particles

Only a Dyson works like a Dyson

  • Proof of cleaner air

    Sensors precisely diagnose, display and react to pollutants at a molecular level, displaying live air quality results on the LCD screen and the MyDyson™ App.6

  • Unlike others, what goes inside, stays inside

    The whole purifier is sealed to HEPA H13 standard4, removing 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns.3

  • Whole room purification1

    Air Multiplier™ technology draws in distant pollutants and projects purified air throughout the whole room.1

Powerful circulation to purify the whole room

Only Dyson purifiers have Air Multiplier™ technology, to draw in distant pollutants and project purified air throughout the room.3

Dyson purifier hot+cool formaldehyde purifying a large living space

Dyson purifiers are tested beyond the industry standard

We test our purifiers in a room size of 81m³, with nine sensors that continuously measure air quality. Some other manufacturers use a small 28.5m³ chamber, with only one sensor and a fan to boost circulation.

Dyson purifier inside Dyson test chamber with nine sensors

We test beyond the industry standard. For real living spaces.

Dyson engineers designed the POLAR test to challenge the industry test standard – measuring filtration, sensing and circulation to ensure the whole room is purified properly.

  • Graphic comparison of CADR test v Dyson test

    CADR is not a measure of purification performance in a real-size room 28.5m3

    Two additional fans boost circulation. Only one sensor measures air quality.

  • Graphic comparison of CADR test v Dyson test

    Dyson's POLAR test goes further to measure purification throughout a real-size room 81m3

    No additional fans. Nine different sensors to measure even-room air quality.

Senses and reports, automatically

Four sensors, including a solid-state formaldehyde sensor, interact with our unique algorithm to precisely diagnose, display and react to your air quality.

Internal sensing technology and LCD screen showing formaldehyde detected

Captures and destroys with advanced HEPA filtration

The HEPA+Carbon filter captures gases5 and 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns.2 Our catalytic filter continuously destroys formaldehyde1.

Graphic of Dyson filtration system

The purifier is sealed to HEPA standard4, removing 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns.2

To prevent pollutants leaking back into the air, it's not just the filter that's sealed to HEPA H13 standard,4 it's the whole purifier. So what goes inside, stays inside.

Graphic showing fully sealed purifier

Cools you7

Dyson purifiers create a powerful stream of purified airflow to cool you in warm weather. Lighter sleepers can enjoy Night mode that monitors and purifies using the quietest setting and dimmed display.

A Dyson air purifier in a bedroom at night time

Additional features

  • Image showing powerful, cooling airflow

    Warms you in winter

    With long-range projection, it’s quick to heat the whole room evenly.1 Intelligent thermostat control maintains your preferred room climate.

  • Purified air exiting the back of the purifier

    Diffused mode. Purifies without cooling you.

    Airflow is diverted through the back of the machine, maintaining effective purification.

  • Dyson purifier in a dark bedroom with someone sleeping peacefully

    Night mode

    For lighter sleepers, it monitors and purifies using the quietest settings along with a dimmed display.

  • Someone changing their filter

    Easy filter care

    The catalytic filter doesn't need replacing. And when you need a new HEPA+Carbon filter, the Dyson Link app6 lets you know.

MyDyson logo

Get more from your new Dyson with the MyDyson™ app

Download the new app for the best MyDyson™ experience.

Three phone screens showing the MyDyson app.
  • Man using the app on his sofa

    Access every feature

    Understand each mode and screen with quick-start and how-to explainers. Each expert-led guide is tailored to you and your machines.

  • Exploded view of a Dyson purifier filter.

    Automated filter alters

    Tailored updates sent straight to your phone, ensuring your machine performs at its best. The Dyson app alerts you automatically when its time to replace your filter.

  • Dyson Expert in a Dyson Demo Store.

    Immediate support, tailored to you

    Know how to clean your air purifier and discover other maintenance guides when you need it. Troubleshoot or activate personalised machine support, and get it sent direct to your inbox.

Frequently asked questions

Dyson purifier fans are engineered to provide powerful, personal cooling. They're not designed to lower the temperature of a whole room like an air conditioner does.

Dyson purifiers capture gases3 and 99.97% of particles from the air. Air Multiplier™ technology amplifies surrounding air, projecting a stream of powerful, smooth, high-velocity airflow. So they project purified, cleaner air throughout the room, or wherever you need it.5

Dyson air purifiers feature a Night mode. This mode uses the machine's quietest settings with dimmed display for lighter sleepers.

The Dyson Purifier Cool™ can control and monitor your home environment directly from your mobile device through the Dyson Link app. The Dyson Purifier Cool Autoreact™ has all of the benefits of a Dyson Purifier Cool™ without the app connectivity.

Filter replacements

Find the right filter for your purifier.

Dyson filter

Owner support

  • Register your machine

  • Find the right part

  • Find a replacement filter

  • Expert support

1 In maximum setting. Tested for air projection, purification coverage in a 81m3 room and heating performance in a 35m3 room.

2 Third party full machine testing based on GB/T 18801-2015 formaldehyde cumulative clean mass testing with continuous injection until plateau of formaldehyde CADR is achieved. Results may vary in practice.

3 Particle challenge by DEHS oil specified in EN1822 within a chamber specified in ASTM F3150. Tested in Max Mode at IBR US, for whole machine efficiency above 99.95%.

4 Tested for filtration efficiency at 0.1 microns (EN1822)

5 Gas capture rates may vary.

Requires device to run app, Wi-Fi or mobile data, Bluetooth 4.0 support, and iOS version 10 or Android version 5 (or above). Standard data and messaging rates may apply. App control doesn’t apply to heating.

7 Fan not airconditioning unit.

8 Pets: At least once in 2021. Based on data from 3,479 machines during the 2021 calendar year. Data is calculated based on where the owner registered their machine. Workouts at home: At least once in 2021. Based on data from 3,479 machines during the 2021 calendar year. Data is calculated based on where the owner registered their machine.