Welcome to your Dyson V11™ cord-free vacuum

Getting started

Watch how to get your vacuum ready for your first clean.

Using your Dyson V11™ vacuum

  • How to charge your battery

    Your vacuum has a built-in rechargeable battery, which you can charge either using the dock supplied or directly through the plug. See how to charge your battery.

  • How to optimise your cleaning with three cleaning modes

    Your Dyson V11™ vacuum has three modes to optimise your cleaning. See what they do and how to switch between modes.

  • How to empty the bin easily and hygienically

    Your Dyson V11™ vacuum has a 'point and shoot' bin emptying mechanism, designed to empty easily and hygienically into your waste bin. Watch how to do it.

Register your machine

You can get support that's tailored to you, owner exclusives and more when you register your machine.