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Introducing the new Dyson WashG1™ wet cleaner, exclusively available at Dyson. Shop now.

Wet floor cleaners

Wet cleaning.
Cordless freedom.

Dyson’s first dedicated wet floor cleaner for dry debris and tough liquid stains. Dyson wet floor cleaners use only clean water to wash up to 290sqm1 of hard floors in the home, for a more thorough, hygienic clean.

Dyson WashG1 wet cleaner removing muddy footprints on a hard floor.

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Wet floor cleaning

For hard floor surfaces.

  • User cleaning debris and spills on a hard floor with a Dyson WashG1 wet cleaner
    Dyson WashG1 logo

    Dyson technology dedicated to wet cleaning of hard floors, for a streak free finish all around your home.

Wet and dry cleaning

For carpet, upholstery and hard floors.

  • An aerial view of a Dyson wet and dry cleaner removing debris and spills on a tile floor
    Dyson V15s Detect Submarine logo

    Combining intelligent dry vacuum cleaning technology, and wet cleaning performance, Dyson wet and dry floor cleaners have been engineered to efficiently clean hard floors with one machine.

A better way to wash hard floors

Mops tend to smear dirt over the floor. Some wet cleaners mix debris and dirty water, which can promote bacteria growth. We used our expertise in cleaning, with extensive testing, to engineer machines that wash hard floors – properly.

James Dyson sitting in his office, surrounded by Dyson products and parts.

Unlike conventional methods, Dyson wet floor cleaners wash with clean water from start to finish.

The Dyson WashG1 wet cleaner alongside conventional methods
  • A conventional mop smearing dirt versus Dyson's wet cleaner leaving a sparkling finish

    Washes away the dirt without smearing

    Powerful roller technology simultaneously removes wet spills and dry debris, and tackles even tough stains. The roller head is engineered for optimum floor contact, for the best possible finish.

  • The Dyson WashG1 wet cleaner stood on a sparkling kitchen floor

    Tested to achieve a sparkling finish

    One roller washes, the other roller finishes, while cleaning themselves as they go. Using the right amount of clean water only, our wet floor cleaners ensure a gleaming finish for your floors.

Frequently asked questions

A traditional vacuum cleaner is programmed for dry vacuuming only, whereas a Dyson wet floor cleaner is engineered to pick up both dry and wet debris without the need for a separate machine.

A floor mop and bucket can be difficult to manoeuvre and provides a superficial clean that can spread dirt and other bacteria along your floors. Wet floor cleaners are designed with separate compartments for dirt and clean water, so you only wash with hygienic water for your entire clean.

If using the Dyson WashG1 wet floor cleaner, it will collect your dirt, hair, pet dander and other dry particles – eliminating the pre-vacuuming stage. If you are cleaning with a Dyson V15s Detect Submarine™ Complete wet and dry vacuum cleaner, you will need to vacuum using your Digital MotorbarTM cleaner head before alternating to the SubmarineTM Wet Rollerhead to wash your floors.

Featuring counter-rotating motorised rollers and three distinct cleaning modes, Dyson wet floor cleaners absorb all kinds of wet and dry debris, while expelling clean water to hygienically wash hard floors.

No, the Dyson WashG1™ is not a steam mop and does not reflect the same process. This is Dyson’s first wet floor cleaner design, which picks up both wet and dry debris. The WashG1™ has two rollers for even water application – however the water is not heated and does not produce vapour as a steam mop would. Often it is thought that hot water helps to kill bacteria but the water used when wet cleaning is normally not hot enough to effectively kill bacteria. Dyson WashG1™ uses high density microfibre to agitate stains and the extraction technology removes dirty water rather than smearing it across the floor. You can use water up to 35° Celsius in the clean water tank of the Dyson WashG1™.

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Wet cleaners

New technology

    Powerful, hygienic washing for hard floors.

    Removes wet and dry debris. In one go.

    Washes with clean water from start to finish. Covers up to 290sqm.1

    Effortlessly glides. Easy to manoeuvre. Even under furniture.

    Clean floors. Hassle-free maintenance.

Only at Dyson: Receive complimentary additional microfibre rollers valued at $49. Try it risk free for 45 days.
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Wet cleaners

Only at Dyson

    Dyson's powerful vacuum now washes hard floors

    Removes spills and stains.1

    Counts and measures dust particles.2

    Captures hair without tangling.

    Only at Dyson: Exclusive gold HEPA edition with additional Fluffy Optic™ cleaner head, Floor Dok Multi™ and Built-in dusting and crevice tool.

Discover bundle options and save up to $500 on your second machine.
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Wet cleaners

Latest technology

    Dyson's powerful vacuum now washes hard floors

    Removes spills and stains.1

    Counts and measures dust particles.2

    Captures hair without tangling.

Discover bundle options and save up to $500 on your second machine.
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