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Introducing the new Dyson WashG1™ wet cleaner, exclusively available at Dyson. Buy now, pay later with our payment partners. Shop now.

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Powerful, hygienic washing for hard floors.

Removes wet and dry debris. In one go.
Washes with clean water from start to finish. Covers up to 290sqm.1
Effortlessly glides. Easy to manoeuvre. Even under furniture.
Clean floors. Hassle-free maintenance.

The Dyson WashG1 leaving a clean sweep through mess on a hard kitchen floor

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Dyson WashG1™ wet floor cleaner (Black/Blue) Reviews

Overall rating
4.8 out of 5 stars. 114 reviews
5% of 100
Reviewed on 24/5/2024

So intuitive and makes mopping a breeze!


I have been waiting for Dyson to bring out a mop and it certainly doesn’t disappoint! It’s so easy to use! Very intuitive and works like a dream. I have hardwood floors and ...
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tiles and the fact that you don’t have to vacuum beforehand saves me so much time! As a busy mum this is a huge plus! It also doesn’t make the floor super wet which again is great as I have little ones who can slip on freshly moped floors. It is a big investment but I think this machine makes the dreaded mopping job a breeze! Would definitely recommend! Thank you Dyson for making my cleaning experience a little more exciting!

Dedicated to cleaning hard flooring throughout your home

  • A user guiding the Dyson WashG1 wet cleaner over  wet and dry food spills on a hard kitchen floor

    Removes tough stains, spills and dry debris

    Two motorised counter-rotating microfibre rollers powerfully remove wet and dry dirt, simultaneously.

  • A close-up of the Dyson WashG1 wet cleaner tackling muddy pawprints on a hard floor

    Washes with clean water from start to finish

    On every rotation, the rollers extract the dirt before being evenly hydrated – cleaning with clean water from start to finish.

  • A user gliding the Dyson WashG1 wet cleaner to remove large food spills under a dining chair

    Effortlessly glides. Easy to manoeuvre. Even under furniture

    Easy to manoeuvre, so you can quickly change direction. It's also designed to go low – helping you reach awkward spaces.

Cleans large spaces all around your home

Cover up to 290sqm1 of tiles, laminate, vinyl and sealed wood floors, with up to 35 mins of run time.2

A user cleaning a hard floor with Dyson WashG1 in a large living space

And even cleans itself

Set the Self-clean cycle to flush the system while the wet floor cleaner charges on the dock.

In as little as 140 seconds it’s ready for your next clean.

The Dyson Wash G1 charging beside a diagram of the inner workings of the Self-clean cycle

Cleaning performance

Removes wet and dry debris. In one go.

Dyson's motorised rollers are engineered to agitate stains twice with each pass, for rapid stain removal.

A cutaway of WashG1 revealing the counter-rotating motorised rollers
  • A cutaway of counter-rotating motorised rollers

    Powerful rotation

    Two counter-rotating motorised rollers powerfully remove spills, debris, hair and dried-on stains.

  • A cutaway revealing consistant hydration across the rollers

    Full-width roller hydration

    26 hydration points are fed by a pulse-modulated pump for even water application to the rollers. So you clean with clean water from start to finish.

  • The densely packed microfibre rollers removing pet paw prints from a hard floor

    Highly absorbent rollers

    Densely-packed microfibre of 64,800 filaments per cm² delivers high absorption for a clean finish.

  • A cutaway revealing secondary rollers separating dry debris from the primary rollers

    Roller cleaning and waste separation

    Secondary brush bars with nylon bristles remove large debris and hair from the rollers – while extraction plates squeeze off moisture. Debris collects in a removable tray, and waste liquid is pumped into a separate Dirty water tank.

Others use suction. We don't for good reason.

Our research found that using vacuum suction for wet cleaning could lead to unpleasant odours leaking from the vacuum exhaust.

So Dyson's engineers took a different approach – and developed an innovative system.

A close-up of a Dyson engineer testing the Dyson WashG1 secondary rollers


A better way to wash hard floors

James Dyson sitting in his office, surrounded by Dyson products and parts.
  • 180 Engineers and scientists
  • 135 Types of mess analysed
  • 448 Miles of flooring cleaned
  • 41 Floor types tested

Hydration controls

Select the hydration level to suit your clean

Explore hydration modes

  • Dyson WashG1 using Low mode

    Level 1

    For debris, hair and light spills.

  • Dyson WashG1 using Med mode

    Level 2

    For mealtime mess, spills and wet footprints.

  • Dyson WashG1 using High mode

    Level 3

    For sticky spills, muddy boot marks and dried-on stains.

Clean floors. Hassle-free maintenance.

Dyson’s unique system separates dirty water from dry debris – for hygienic disposal.

A cutaway of the machine, showing its internal waste management system
  • A user emptying the dirty water tank down a sink

    Dirty water tank

    Waste liquid is pumped into the Dirty water tank. It’s easy to remove the tank and to pour its contents away – for no-touch disposal.

  • A user's hand emptying the debris into a bin

    Debris tray

    Dirt and debris collect in a quick-release, removable tray – for no-touch disposal straight into your bin.

Frequently asked questions

As the very first of its kind in the Dyson range, Dyson WashG1™ wet cleaner has been designed to remove wet and dry waste from hard floors in the home.

Instead of traditional vacuum suction and vacuum motors that can expel odorous air into the room, Dyson WashG1™ wet cleaner has counter-rotating motorised rollers to extract large debris from liquids.

The Clean water tank has a 1 litre capacity whilst the Dirty water tank has a 0.8 litre capacity.

Based on Dyson internal calculation (with single agitation and 0.5m/s speed) floor coverage is up to 290sqm. Actual area coverage may vary depending on habits and floor types.

Dyson WashG1TM has been specifically engineered to wash stubborn wet and dry stains on hard floors. Conversely, The Dyson V15s Detect Submarine™ is a multifunctional floor cleaner with wet and dry vacuum capabilities.

No, Dyson WashG1™ wet cleaner is Dyson’s first dedicated wet floor cleaner to be used exclusively on hard floors for both wet and dry debris.

Apart from the charging dock, the Dyson WashG1™ wet cleaner has everything you need onboard. No additional accessories.

No, this machine is not engineered for carpet, but has been produced specifically for washing hard floors.

When using floor cleaning solutions, do use gentle, low-foaming common household detergents and do not use bleach. Be sure to follow the solution’s specific direction for dilution - with a 1L clean water tank you shouldn't require any more than 1Tbsp of solution. We also recommend adding the solution after filling the clean water tank.

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New technology

    Powerful, hygienic washing for hard floors.

    Removes wet and dry debris. In one go.

    Washes with clean water from start to finish. Covers up to 290sqm.1

    Effortlessly glides. Easy to manoeuvre. Even under furniture.

    Clean floors. Hassle-free maintenance.

Only at Dyson: Receive complimentary additional microfibre rollers valued at $49. Try it risk free for 45 days.
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1Based on Dyson internal calculation with no repeated cleaning on the same area, with 0.5m/s speed. Actual area coverage may vary depending on habits and floor types.

2Based on Dyson's internal testing, actual operating times will vary depending on usage and type of ground.

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