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Only at Dyson

Dyson hair clips

Two styles of Dyson hair clips – both engineered for a secure grip whilst being gentle on the hair and scalp.

Sectioning hair clip: helps to precisely section hair and hold comfortably and securely in place.

Wide hair clip: even thick, long hair is gathered and secured with our convention-defying design.

Suitable for all hair types.

Part number: 973267-01

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What's included?

  • x2 Sectioning hair clip

  • x2 Wide hair clip

Inside the lab

Discover the rigorous testing regime that goes into advancing Dyson hair clip technology. Dyson engineers Katherine, Veronica, Ben and Alex demonstrate the Kinetic Endurance test.

A Dyson engineer in a laboratory.

Sectioning hair clip

Easily section hair as you desire with the help of ergonomic Dyson hair clips. With no pulling, tugging or creasing, the silicon band creates a sturdy, non-slip grip and the pocket space maximises hair capacity.

A model with two Sectioning hair clips parting her hair.
  • The rear pocket of the Sectioning hair clip.

    Silicone band

    Stretches to maximise grip with no creasing.

  • The handles of the Sectioning hair clip.

    Ergonomic grip

    Engineered to feel secure in the hand.

  • The edge of the Sectioning hair clip.

    Sectioning edge

    Precisely sections without causing discomfort to the scalp.

Wide hair clip

Designed to gather and hold large amounts of hair securely and comfortably.
With a wide opening angle and side teeth, for maximum hold on all hair types and densities.

A model with four Wide hair clips parting her hair.
  • The Wide hair clip.

    Side teeth

    Precisely placed to hold hair of all types and densities.

  • The handles of the Wide hair clip.

    Ergonomic grip

    Engineered to feel secure in the hand.

  • The Wide hair clip open.

    Wide opening angle

    Gathers large volumes of hair with ease.

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