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Dyson Doks and Vacuum Stands

Find the right Dyson vacuum stand for your space.

The Dyson standing dok range

From charging to storage and protection, Dyson’s docking stations enhance the function and lifespan of your vacuum. Discover how to improve each clean with our stylish and tidy storage options. Installation advice and unique features are ahead.

Explore Dyson vacuum stand features

A Dyson vacuum stand fits neatly into any space for ease of access and storage. Explore the range of Dyson dok features below.

  • Free standing design

    With no drilling required, the Dyson standing dock can be placed anywhere in the home. A sleek aluminium wand and weighted base provide stylish storage, and rubber feet protect all floor types. The integrated cable design achieves a clean and clutter-free look.

  • Accessory holder

    Each stand for Dyson vacuums provides storage for the range of cleaning tools and accessories. For convenient access our standard Floor Doks can hold up to one tool and the Floor Dok Multi can hold up to five accessories.

  • Charging capability

    To ensure your Dyson vacuum is ready to go when you need it, the Dyson stand includes a charging dock. An articulated charging cable begins work once the vacuum is dropped in, for easy grab-and-go convenience. Once fully charged, Dyson’s most powerful vacuum, the Dyson Gen5detect™ Absolute maintains up to 70 minutes1 run time.

    1 Applies in eco mode on hard floors. Excludes Dyson V7 and Dyson V8 vacuums which maintain up to 40 minutes run time.

Discover Dyson Wall Doks

Wall docks can be positioned wherever floor space is limited, to store tools and charge you vacuum between cleans. Explore the features of a wall-mounted Dyson stand below.

  • Wall-mounted design

    As opposed to the vacuum stand, your Dyson vacuum is dropped into a wall-mount. For spaces with limited floor areas, this provides clutter-free and convenient reach. With the same articulated charging cable, a wall-mounted docking station achieves the same, stylish look.

  • Accessory storage

    The wall-mounted Dyson dok holds everything you need for your clean. Each Wall Dock contains an accessory holder with space for at least 2 tools. Grab what you need before your clean, and then store them in neat compartments at the end. The newest Wall Dock Multi is able to store 6 tools, for versatile and whole-home cleans.

  • Charging capability

    Wall-mounted Dyson docking stations also include a charger. The charging cable is articulated in the Wall Dock, keeping it concealed and clutter-free. Once the vacuum is dropped in it begins charging automatically for your next clean. The battery display indicates when charge is complete, and cuts power consumption to a minimum.

Vacuum stand and docking station range

Our latest stick vacuums each have unique docking stations. From free-standing options to mounted Dyson doks, see which of our range is best suited to your space. Information on each machine can be accessed through our user guides and manuals.

How to install your Dyson vacuum stand

  • Wall mounted Dyson docking stations can be set up in the following way:

    1. To choose the location for your mounted Dyson stand, find a space free of gas, water or air pipework, electrical cables, wire or ductwork directly behind.
    2. Using the appropriate fixings, secure the backplate to the wall.
    3. Making sure that the charger cable is neatly secured at the back of the front casing, secure the jack plug on the front casing.
    4. Secure the jack plug by firmly pushing down the jack cover.
    5. Clip the front casing onto the backplate and firmly push to secure.
    6. Click the tools into place and plug the charge into the mains electricity supply.
  • The Dyson standing dock compatible with Dyson V15 Detect™, Dyson V12 Detect Slim™, and Dyson V11™ can be installed the following way:

    1. Place the vertical stem into the weighted base, and the Dyson Dok into that.
    2. The connector on the charging cable can be placed into the Dok from the back. Push the connector cover down to secure the connector in place.
    3. Fasten the charging cable into the channel on the back of the stem, making sure to follow all the way down
    4. Finally, for the cable cover on the back of the Dok. Plug into an outlet.

Frequently asked questions

For convenient storage that slots into each space, the Dyson standing dock is a free-standing holding port, charger and accessory. We recommend allowing your Dyson vacuum to recharge frequently for optimal battery life.

For trouble shooting, tips and user guides alongside parts, contact Dyson support.

Choose your model

    Replacement Docking station for your Dyson cordless vacuum.

    Compatible with:
    Dyson Outsize Total Clean
    Replacement dock station with charging function for your Dyson cordless vacuum.

    Compatible with:
    Dyson Omni-glideTM vacuum

    Replacement docking station for your Dyson cordless vacuum.

    Compatible with:
    Dyson V10 cordless vacuum
    Grab and go dok for your Dyson cordless vacuum.

    Compatible with:
    Dyson V15 Detect™
    Grab and go dok for your Dyson cordless vacuum.

    Compatible with:
    Dyson V12 Detect™
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