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Dyson Cinetic™ Big Ball Barrel Vacuum Cleaner

The only vacuum cleaner with no filters to wash or replace.

Discover the range of powerful corded vacuums.

Vacuum power, unrestricted.

The Dyson Cinetic™ Big Ball barrel vacuum cleaner.

36 oscillating tips for powerful vacuum suction.

36 cyclones accelerate air to 180mph, generating over 100,000 g-force to fling microscopic particles out of the airflow. The Dyson Cinetic™ tips oscillate at up to 5000 Hz, so the tiny particles can’t clog them, and the vacuum maintains constant, powerful suction for easy cleaning with your vacuum tools.

Frequently asked questions

It's time to empty your Dyson Cinetic™ Big Ball vacuum when the dirt reaches the MAX marker. Press the red button on the vacuum to release the bin. Place over a rubbish bun and press down the red release button to open the contents. Read more on how to empty a Dyson Cinetic™ Big Ball vacuum.

The Dyson Cinetic™ Big Ball vacuum cleaner comes with different tools and attachments to ensure you have a specialised clean. Always turn the machine off before attaching the tools, the accessories and attachments can be fitted directly on the end of the hose. Notice a 'click' when secured properly as they are firmly in place.

To clean a Dyson Cinetic™ Big Ball vacuum cleaner, empty the dirt from the bin chamber. Do not use water to wash the Cinetic Big Ball vacuum cleaner, this vacuum does not require washing filters or changing bags.

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    Engineered for homes with pets.

    No loss of suction. No bags to buy.

    Ball™ technology for easy steering.

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The lightweight Dyson Omni-glide™ hard floor vacuum is perfect for everyday quick cleans, to complement your full-size Dyson Cinetic™ Big Ball vacuum cleaner..

Women using Dyson Omni-glide

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