Scratch-free dusting brush
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Scratch-free dusting brush

Scratch-free dusting brush
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Gentle on delicate surfaces.

Self-cleaning – a rotating cuff keeps the soft bristles clear of dust.

Engineered to fit V15 Detect™, Dyson Outsize™, V12 Detect Slim™, V11™, Cyclone V10™, V8™ and V7™ vacuums.

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Cleans delicate surfaces. Then cleans itself.

Dyson’s self-cleaning ultra-soft dusting brush. Hygienically clear dust and debris from the bristles. With a twist.

Scratch-free dusting brush cleaning a TV screen

Engineered to clean...

  • TV screens

  • Computer keyboards

  • Mirrors

  • Detailed ornaments


  • Scratch-free dusting brush cleaning a car interior

    Softer than nylon

    Cleans delicate and detailed surfaces around your home or car. With powerful Dyson suction.

  • Close up of soft rubber bumper for scratch-free cleaning

    Scratch-free cleaning

    A soft rubber bumper and 8,100 ultrafine PFT filaments tapered to just 0.05mm protect against marks and scratches.

Compatible machines

  • Dyson V15 Detect™ vacuums

  • Dyson Outsize™ vacuums

  • Dyson V11™ vacuums

  • Dyson Cyclone V10™ vacuums

  • Dyson V12 Detect Slim™ vacuums

  • Dyson V8™ vacuums

  • Dyson V7™ vacuums

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