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Dyson upright vacuum cleaners

Find the best upright vacuum for your space.

Upright vacuum range

Powerful, manoeuvrable and adaptable, Dyson’s upright vacuums include a range of unique features. From pet hair removal to hard-floor homes, a Dyson upright vacuum cleaner can be tailored to your space. With advanced engineering – including Radial Cyclone™ Technology for precise airflow and Ball™ technology for easy steering, the latest upright vacuum can be found right here.

Explore upright vacuum features

Using advanced materials and the latest in airflow and battery technology, Dyson upright vacuum cleaners ensure your space is protected as it’s cleaned. See what makes ours the best upright vacuum below.

  • Easy manoeuvrability

    Upright vacuum cleaner being steered in a sweeping arc across a black hard floor surface.

    When developing our upright vacuums, Dyson’s engineers worked to ensure a supportive flow of movement. Pioneering Ball™ technology enables the entire machine to be directed with the turn of your wrist. This enables comfort over every clean – big or small. To totally remove dust and debris, the upright vacuum cleaner steers around corners, obstacles and furniture seamlessly. And for quick and supportive transportation, weight is carefully considered. The Dyson light ball multifloor+ weighs only 6.33 kilos, for ease of carrying upstairs and throughout each space.

  • Multi-area cleaning

    Vacuum cleaner head picking up debris from four different intersecting floor types.

    Included in the Dyson upright vacuum is self-adjusting technology, which allows you to move over different surfaces without having to change settings. To protect delicate surfaces, carbon fibre bristles are included in the Soft dusting brush. Additional accessories in the Dyson upright vacuum include a Stair tool and Combination tool, for efficient, all-over vacuuming.

  • Powerful suction

    Advanced filtration cyclone system

    Visible dust represents one part of particles that need to be removed in cleans. Much of what affects the health of homes is microscopic in size, and won’t be visible to the naked eye. Particles like pet dander allergens found on pet hair, and dust mites which live and breed on mattresses and soft furnishings can trigger reactions like asthma and decrease the health quality of homes. Every Dyson upright vacuum cleaner employs Radial Cyclone™ technology, designed and developed by our engineers. This means that suction is optimised to capture and trap allergens, dust and dirt – whether its visible or invisible – before securing it in the bin.

Choose your upright vacuum model

Dyson’s upright vacuum cleaner combines multi-floor capability, making it an optimal design for all floor types. From carpet to hard floors and delicate surfaces, the Dyson light ball multifloor+ is the best upright vacuum for every home and indoor space.
Explore the Dyson light ball multifloor+.

Frequently asked questions

The Dyson upright vacuum cleaner contains built-in Radial Cyclone™ Technology, ensuring powerful suction throughout every clean

Our upright vacuum cleaner seamlessly cleans across different floor types. To achieve this, we developed a self-adjusting cleaner head, which seals in suction across heard floors and carpeted areas.