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Dyson Week

Dyson Week

Dyson Week has now finished.
The Dyson sale has now finished. You can access our exclusive Dyson vacuum sale, air purifier and haircare discounts when Dyson week occurs. These deals happen throughout the year and are only available when buying direct from the people who made it. To access the next round of sales, keep an eye out for announcements on our website.


Exclusive Dyson deals are made available a throughout the year, during our Dyson Week sales. Extending across all of our pioneering technology, you can access big discounts on haircare tools, air purifiers and vacuums. Bonus gifts are also included with select purchases when you buy direct during our sales. Keep an eye out for announcements on the next round of Dyson sales.

Dyson deals apply to vacuum, air purifier and haircare technology during our sales period. The latest in cleaning, indoor purifying and hairstyling models are reduced with big discounts, available exclusively when buying direct. Select purchases also include complimentary gifts. Visit our page to know when the next Dyson vacuum sale is.

Dyson week sales occur throughout each year. Dyson deals are available only when buying direct – and include discounts on stick vacuums, haircare technology and air purifiers. To find out when the next Dyson sale is, keep an eye out for updates on our website.