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A new way to experience Dyson technology

Dyson Demo VR is an immersive 360° virtual reality environment where you can discover, shop and learn more about our technology from the comfort of your home.

Customer drying hair in virtual reality with the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

Oculus from Facebook

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You can experience Dyson Demo VR if you are an Oculus Quest owner. Follow the link below to download our app.

Retail. Reinvented by Dyson.

We created Dyson Demo VR using the same simulation tools our engineers use to develop technologies. Each machine is digitally rendered in 3D. You can style virtual hair, try out the attachments, or choose your favourite colours and accessories.

Virtual reality features

  • Exploding views

    Discover exploding views as our machines disassemble in 3D to reveal the unique engineering inside.

  • Getting hands-on

    Pick up and try each machine, and see videos of our engineers explaining the technology.

  • Exploring the range

    Learn more about the machines, colours and options available, and choose one that suits you.

Oculus from Facebook

Download our app