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Dyson opens New Zealand’s first ever Dyson Demo pop-up

Understand and experience Dyson technologies with an owner experience like never before.

30 January 2024

29 January 2024. New Zealand. Today, New Zealand’s first ever Dyson Demo pop-up opens in Westfield Albany in Auckland. Home to Dyson’s full portfolio of key technologies, the new immersive pop-up forms a part of Dyson’s global drive to grow its direct-to-consumer retail ambitions. The space will enable New Zealanders to understand how Dyson technologies work and how they’re engineered to solve everyday problems while helping owners and potential owners find the right machines and attachments to suit their needs.

Dyson Demo stores focus on offering owners an uninterrupted, hands-on experience with personalised tips and advice from a Dyson expert; the ultimate in “try-before-you-buy” retail. The pop-up features demonstration zones and interactive displays showing how real-world problems such as pollution and hair damage are tackled by Dyson technologies. From debris demonstrations showing the powerful fade-free suction of Dyson vacuums, to purification demonstrations with live air quality data, the space also has a styling station where shoppers can experience Dyson beauty technologies with expert tips from a Dyson stylist.

“Dyson operates more than 250 Dyson stores worldwide and our first ever Dyson Demo pop-up in New Zealand will add to our ambitious growth plans for the future. Together with Dyson’s direct online store, the new space in Auckland forms a part of our growing ambitions in direct-to-consumer retail, providing consumers with opportunities to discover the Dyson technology through both the virtual and physical world,”

says Roland Krueger, Dyson CEO.

  • Beauty:

    Dyson is dedicated to understanding the science of hair – it is the very foundation underpinning its hair styling technologies. Having researched the science of hair for almost a decade, investing over £100m (AU$180m) into global hair laboratories across the world and employing thousands of hair scientists, engineers and professional stylists to glean new insights into hair globally, Dyson is now taking Dyson’s hair science expertise from labs to the shop floor.


    Customers can receive a personalised hair health consultation from a Dyson stylist with advice on the right tools and attachments for their individual styling needs. The Dyson stylist can also demonstrate how to get the most out of Dyson beauty technologies with a complimentary styling session, while explaining how they avoid heat damage to help protect natural shine. From launch day on 29 January, customers can request complimentary styling appointments on a walk-in basis by asking a Dyson expert for available slots. Ask in-store for full details.

  • Home:

    Bringing to life Dyson’s 25 years expertise in microbiology and how Dysons’ problem-solving technologies are engineered with real-world testing, an interactive healthy home area enables customers to discover the different types of pollutants found within indoor spaces in New Zealand. From ultrafine particles to potentially dangerous gases, customers can understand the intelligence behind Dyson vacuums and purifiers experiencing how their consistent high performance tackles these problems in a range of real home spaces and scenarios.

  • Wearables:

    Discover the scientific approach to high-fidelity immersive listening behind the Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones and how they’re engineered to tackle the dual problems of noise pollution and air pollution. Backed by more than five years of research and development, experience an unparalleled active noise cancellation system and pure, immersive audio with frequencies from 6 Hz – 21 kHz, ensuring every sound or action is heard as the artist or creator intended.

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When purchasing Dyson technologies direct from Dyson, customers can access exclusive technologies and limited edition colourways. Experience Dyson retail online at or discover more about the latest Dyson technologies on the Dyson Newsroom.

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