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Our Guide to Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Especially for busy mums, achieving everyday style while protecting hair health can be a challenge. Where conventional stylers ignore these problems, Dyson’s hair tools are engineered to protect hair from extreme heat damage, for smooth, shiny and perfected results.

Everyday style and the right level of hair care can be hard to achieve between busy schedules. When we do style in a rush, we risk hair damage from extreme heat. Damaged strands can’t be repaired, and dulled or faded colour, split ends and weakened strands all affect the look and feel of hair.

22 March 2024
Dyson Supersonic and Airwrap mothers day pink rose gold

This year, recognise your Mum by giving the gift of healthy hair. To make sure she can achieve easy and enhanced style, Dyson hair science is inclusive of every hair type and length. This year, Dyson hair gift sets are available in a limited-edition ceramic pink and rose gold finish for an extra special Mother’s Day gift idea.

Every Dyson experience is exceptional. Our machines not only work better but feel better in use. The way we use colour, materials and the finishes we choose help to ensure our machines reflect our extremely high engineering standards and give a sense of satisfaction with every use.

Ceramic pink​

"Pink is a timeless colour that gains new interpretations in the design world, year on year.​ Pale pink was carefully chosen for the edition to add a touch of elegance and warmth, perfectly embodying the inspiration behind it – the pear. By incorporating pale pink, we aim to create a sense of softness and sophistication, enhancing the styling experience with a new aesthetic."​
Amelia Ayerst, CMF Design Manager.​

Rose gold​

Rose Gold was chosen to create a subtle contrast that compliments the pale pink. This combination was adopted to ensure a harmonious blend of colours and a seamless integration of Dyson tools with our interiors.​

To find gifts for her that support strength and beauty, read on.

Mother’s Day ideas for every hair type

Different hair types have different textures, densities and porosity levels – which means that separate features are required for them to hold shape. At Dyson’s Hair Laboratories we test our hair tools on real hair, ensuring every product is supportive and transformational for every user.
Whether your Mum has straight hair (type 1A) or z-patterned coils (type 4C), our pioneering technology can smooth and style quickly and without causing extreme heat damage. To style straight, wavy, curly or coily hair, Dyson have developed different attachments and heat settings across each of our tools. Using the same powerful engine and airflow technology as with our vacuums your Mother’s Day present will help yours access glossy shine every day. For more on different hair types and how to use Dyson’s tools, view our hair styling guides.

2024 Mother’s Day gift sets at Dyson

This Mother’s Day, show you care with Dyson hair tool gifts in our exclusive ceramic pink and rose gold finish. This special colourway is available for a limited time, making it a considered and unique Mother’s Day present. Choose from the new Dyson Airstrait™ straightener, Supersonic™ hair dryer or Airwrap™ multi-styler and dryer to upgrade her daily hair styling routine. Learn more and uncover the perfect Mother's Day gift set for your mum below.

  • Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer gift set

  • This year, our Mother’s Day gift sets features the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer in a limited-edition ceramic pink and rose gold colour tone. Powerful, fast and supportive with no heat damage. The Supersonic™ is the most-awarded hair dryer for a reason1: it can both dry and style different hair types without causing strands to weaken. C-curls, sleek ponytails and big blowouts are all easy to achieve.

    The engineering that makes this possible combines pioneering engine power and airflow technology. To make sure every day styling is quick without sacrificing on glossy results, the Supersonic™ is fitted with the Dyson digital V9 motor, which spins up to 110,000rpm. Air Multiplier™ technology delivers a precise and controlled stream of air, to ensure that frizz and flyaways are kept at bay.

    Different temperature levels are needed depending on the hair type. The perfect gifts set for her for both fine or coarse hair, the Supersonic™ features 4 heat setting including a cold shot, and intelligent heat control to maintain the preferred levels.

    The Dyson Supersonic™ Mother’s Day gift set comes with five attachments, an attractive onyx and rose gold presentation case and exclusive accessories.

    Shop the limited-edition Ceramic Pink and Rose Gold Dyson Supersonic™ gift set now.

  • Dyson Airwrap™ multi-styler gift set

    Dyson Airwrap Mothers Day Set

  • The Airwrap™ multi-styler and dryer  is a versatile Mother’s Day present for the Mum who likes to switch things up – now available in our dainty and limited-edition ceramic pink and rose gold colourway. Complete with six attachments and housed in a beautiful onyx and rose gold presentation case worth $99, show her you care with the Airwrap™ multi-styler and dryer.

    Our cutting-edge Enhanced Coanda airflow technology bends and wraps hair to the barrel, easily shaping beachy waves, defined curls or a 90s-inspired blow out, or recreate a salon quality blow-dry at home. One styler to dry, curler, shape, smooth and hide flyaways with no heat damage. Helps prevent colour loss due to high heat and maintains hair's natural strength and reduces breakage. It’s the most-awarded multi-styler for a reason1: with less frizz and flyaways2, the Airwrap™ multi-styler and dryer is perfect for all hair types and hair of all lengths.

    Whether her hair styling preference is low maintenance or meticulous, the Airwrap™ multi-styler and dryer will give her the results she wants, with more attachments than any other. Try the flyaway attachment for a silky finish in seconds or reach for the firm smoothing brush to straighten frizz-prone strands.

    Shop the limited-edition Ceramic Pink and Rose Gold  Airwrap™ multi-styler and dryer set now.

  • Dyson styling gift set

    Dyson styling gift set in rose

  • To really make Mum feel special, choose a Mother's Day present like no other. The Dyson styling gift set is a unique low budget gift that makes the salon hair styling experience possible from the comfort of home. Now available in a limited-edition rose gold colourway, this gift set comes with a selection of brushes, combs and new Dyson hair clips that make sectioning simple and comfortable.


    With the vented barrel brush, paddle brush or detangling comb in her arsenal, Mum will have a variety of elevated hair looks at her fingertips. The ergonomic handles are perfect for comfortable styling, and the barrel brush is vented to prevent overheating and keep her strands in smooth, soft condition.

    The new Dyson hair clips come in two sizes to suit any hair styling need: wide and sectioning. Both have an ergonomic design that make them simple to use, and a firm grip that keeps hair in place for as long as needed. Long, thick or curly hair can be sectioned and styled as easily as fine, straight locks.

    Shop the Dyson Styling Gift Set in Rosé for Mother’s Day now.

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