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Hair Styling Tips for Dads by Dyson

To celebrate five years of styling with the Dyson Supersonic™, we compiled the top five looks that dads can create using the Dyson Supersonic™ hairdryer in just five easy steps.

1 September 2021

Dyson is dedicated to understanding the science of hair – it is the very foundation underpinning our hair tool technology. With sights set on engineering tools that not only create great style but help keep hair looking healthy, it is vital for Dyson engineers to understand every aspect of hair – what makes it strong, what causes it to thin and lose thickness and how to make it look as good as possible.

Dyson's Global Education Manager, Amy Johnson, dispells the myths and explains the science behind our hair, revealing her top styling tips for all hair types.

Dyson Global Education Manager, Amy Johnson, says: “There is no difference between male and female hair in terms of growth cycle and structure. Biologically, they are the same. However, there is a clear difference in the hair styles that men and women follow, which leads to the thinking that the makeup of their hair is different. If men had longer hair like women, it wold be more apparent that they will have the same shine, curls, waves and textures similar to women.”

“Many men struggle to style their hair’s natural shape to emulate popular styles. Another styling concern is the manageability factor - once hair has enough length to wave or curl, men may feel that it’s uncontrollable which is why they default to short hairstyles to minimise styling mistakes.”

“To address these, the first thing men need to think about is what styling tools they have at their disposal to use. The right hairdryer, with the right attachments, is essential for achieving specific looks and allows for greater experimentation with different styles.”

“Dyson’s Supersonic hair dryer is engineered for fast drying, with intelligent heat control to help protect shine. The attachments also cater to different hair types to help achieve varied hair styles.”

Leading male barber, Eoin McCarthy, at AREA Academy says: “Men love technology that works properly. Many of us don’t want to spend much time on our hair - but we still want it to look good! Therefore, we need to make it as easy as possible and the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer does just that – by drying hair fast and without extreme heat damage. The range of attachments which are magnetic for easy fitting makes it simple for anyone to create a variety of styles from home.”

See five looks that dads can create at home below.

Fringe Affair

Ideal for Type 1 – 2 hair, with long top or sides

  • Fringes made an appearance at the recent Milan Men’s Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2021 at shows including Ermengildo Zenga, Prada, and Etro. Suitable for men with straight to wavy hair, this stylised adaption delivers a smooth finish yet retains the hair’s volume. Re-create this style with the help of two attachments – the Gentle Air Attachment and Smoothing Nozzle. The Gentle Air Attachment can be used for rough drying and is kinder to fine hair and sensitive scalps, while the Smoothing Nozzle helps to dry hair with controlled airflow for a smooth, natural finish.

    1. Attach the Gentle Air Attachment to the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer.
    2. Pre-dry hair by selecting the #2 heat setting which is set at 60°C for cooler drying and #2 speed setting on the Dyson Supersonic™hair dryer.
    3. Lift the roots with fingers and dry the scalp area to create some volume.
    4. When roots are dry, switch to the Smoothing Nozzle attachment and set to the #2 speed setting.
    5. Align the attachment with hair, brush and dry the hair going backwards away from the face in multiple directions for a fast, smooth look with volume.
    6. Optional: Add wax to finish your style.

Natural Waves

Ideal for Type 3 hair, shoulder-length or longer

  • One look that lockdowns around the world have brought to the fore is that of natural curls, which embody effortless style. For men with curly hair and favour a tousled look, this style shows off curls with texture and movement. To combat the flyaways that can come with curls, the Diffuser attachment has prongs that reach deep into hair and disperses the air evenly to mimic air drying, in order to get defined curls.

    1. Attach the Diffuser and set settings at #2 for heat setting (60°C for cooler drying) and #2 for speed setting on the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer.
    2. Part hair into left and right sections.
    3. Place hair into the Diffuser, push up to the scalp and hold until dry.
    4. Once sides are dry, tilt head upside down and dry the back and top.
    5. Flip hair back into position and shake out curls for the final look.

Mature Sophistication

Ideal for Type 1 – 2 hair, greying hair

  • This style centres on creating volume which can achieve the appearance of fuller hair. During styling, older men should take note of scalp care as thinning hair and dry scalps are key concerns. To treat scalps better, the gentle airflow from the Gentle Air Attachment is suitable for mature hair and sensitive scalps.

    1. Attach the Gentle Air Attachment to the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer.
    2. Select the #2 heat setting which is set at 60°C for cooler drying and #2 speed setting on the Dyson
    3. Supersonic™ hair dryer to pre-dry hair.
    4. Create some volume by lifting the roots with fingers and to dry the scalp area.
    5. When roots are dry, start to brush the hair back using your fingers as you dry the ends.
    6. Optional: Add wax to finish your style.

Textured Afro

Ideal for Type 4 hair, longer length on top with undercut

  • For men with Type 4 hair, a textured look with blown out roots for added volume, length and style is on-trend. To start, style with the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer with Wide Tooth Comb attachment to achieve shape, length and volume. The teeth of the comb are round-tipped and flexible, and are held together on a flexible bar, which allows the comb to comfortably adapt to the shape of the scalp.

    1. Isolate a section of hair at the back and apply your favourite smoothing product to this section.
    2. Repeat on sections and work your way to the front of the head until all hair is covered.
    3. Attach the Wide Tooth Comb attachment and set the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer to the third speed setting (high for fast drying) and third heat setting (80°C regular drying).
    4. Isolate the same back section and comb through and dry using the Comb, working from the ends up towards the roots.

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