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    Air Multiplier™ technology - amplifies airflow. To heat or cool you fast.

    Jet Focus control - enable Focussed mode for long-range powerful airflow, or Diffused mode for wide projection.

    Save $120 off the RRP.

Was NZ$499.00 NZ$379.00 Save NZ$120.00
    Multiplies airflow by up to 15 times, to cool you fast.

    Sleep timer: Programmed to turn off after pre-set intervals. For no wasted-energy.

    Safe, with no fast-spinning blades​

    45-day money-back guarantee 

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Frequently asked questions

Inside a convection heater, an element is warmed which then transfers heat into the air around it. In a fan heater, air is passed over the hot element to disperse heat around a space faster. Electric fan heaters can heat a room quickly and evenly, whereas convection heaters don’t circulate air.

Electric fan heaters shouldn’t be left running overnight – or for long periods unattended. This can create a potential safety risk, not to mention drying out skin and nasal passages which can lead to discomfort. Dyson heating and cooling fans with MyDyson™ app connectivity can be set to a timer so you can fall asleep at a comfortable temperature without leaving your fan heater on all night.

Inspired by jet engine technologies, the Dyson Air Multiplier™ system projects large volumes of air around a room. Paired with cutting edge heating element technology, Dyson fan heaters can heat large spaces quickly and efficiently – perfect for chilly winter days and nights. In summer, the purified airflow circulation can help keep you cool and comfortable.

Wipe down the body of your Dyson hot and cold fan with a damp, lint-free cloth. It’s important to check for blockages regularly. To do this, look for blockages in the air intake holes on the filter and the small opening inside the loop amplifier, using a soft, clean brush to remove any build-up. There’s no need to use chemical detergents to clean your Dyson fans and heaters.

Dyson fan heaters are designed to heat entire rooms quickly, quietly and cleverly to your desired temperature. Long-range projection helps to heat the whole room evenly,1 while adjustable oscillation up to 350 ̊ means warm air can reach every corner of your space.

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