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Mother's Day gift ideas: The Dyson hair care set

To give the gift of healthy hair this Mother’s Day, Dyson has created two limited-edition hair care sets featuring Dyson-designed accessories and a selection of our pioneering styling technologies.

1 April 2023
Dyson mothers day vinca blue gift set

This year, recognise your Mum by giving the gift of healthy hair. To make sure every Mum can achieve easy and quick styles, without compromising the health of their hair, the hair science at Dyson is inclusive of every hair type and length. This year Dyson has curated a selection of our accessories and tools for two limited edition hair gift sets. The 2023 Dyson hair dryer and straightener set (and how you can try them on virtually) are ahead.

Mother's Day gift ideas for every hair type

At Dyson’s Hair Laboratories we test our hair tools on real hair. Each hair type has unique textures, densities and porosity levels – and requires different heat levels and engineering to hold shape. To design Mother’s Day gifting for all, Dyson’s engineers continuously strive to advance our engineering and give people better ways to style hair more healthily.

Whether your Mum has stick straight hair (type 1A) or z-patterned coils (type 4C), our pioneering technology can smooth and style quickly and without causing extreme heat damage. To style straight, wavy, curly or coily hair, Dyson has developed different attachments and heat settings across each of our tools. Each of our hair tools is tailorable to hair type, making them the best Mother’s Day gift for Mum’s that style frequently. For more on different hair types and how to use Dyson’s tools you can view our hair styling guides.

Mother’s Day gift sets at Dyson

This year, Dyson’s Mother’s Day gifting feature Dyson-designed accessories alongside a selection of our engineered hair tools. Available exclusively from the people who designed it, you can choose from our pioneering hair dryer, multi-styler and hair straightener. Our hair tools are informed by hair science to support styled hair and prevent damage from extreme heat. See what’s included in each set and explore gift ideas for mum below.

  • Supersonic™ hair dryer gift set

    Dyson Supersonic Mothers Day Set

  • The Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer in Vinca Blue & Rosé features in the Dyson hair dryer Mother’s day gift set. Engineered for different hair types, the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer is powerful and fast. The hair tool uses focused airflow and the design is engineered for balance in the hand. It’s also quieter than conventional hair dryers, providing the optimal experience with each use.

    Unlike traditional hair dryers, the Dyson Supersonic™ measures air temperature over 40 times a second to regulate temperature output. Featuring Dyson’s intelligent heat control technology, the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer prevents extreme heat damage, to help protect hair’s shine.

    The hair dryer gift set also features a complimentary Dyson-designed paddle brush, developed for comfortable use with an ergonomic handle to smooth and detangle pre-styling. All items are housed in the limited-edition presentation case with removable lid.

    Shop Limited Gift Edition Dyson Supersonic™ set now.

  • Airwrap™ multi-styler gift set

    Dyson Mothers Day Accessories Gift Set

  • The Dyson Airwrap™ multi-styler in Vinca Blue & Rosé features in the Dyson styler Mother’s day gift set. Engineered to achieve seamless daily style without causing damage from extreme heat, the next generation Airwrap can be used on all hair types. Powerful and precise, Dyson’s styling tool uses airflow technology to curl, smooth and blow wave hair.

    Unlike conventional curlers, the Dyson Airwrap™ uses intelligent engineering instead of extreme heat to style hair. Airflow temperature is measured over 40 times a second, controlling and maintaining heat levels under 150°C. The Dyson digital motor is powerful enough to produce airflow known as the Enhanced Coanda effect, which shapes and smooths hair.

    Included in the set for Mother’s Day gift set is a complimentary Dyson-designed paddle brush and also a Dyson-designed travel pouch that conveniently stores your Dyson Airwrap™ and three attachments, for when you’re on the move. Light and portable, so it’s easy to take anywhere. Made with soft, heat-resistant fabric – with a sleek ribbon to wrap everything in place. All gifts are housed in a limited-edition presentation case, cushioned with soft fabric for neat storage.

    Shop Limited Gift Edition Dyson Airwrap™ multi-styler now.

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