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How to keep your house cool, even during a heatwave.

Fan to cool you in summer, purifier to circulate clean air all year round.

Airborne particles in a home.

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Heatwaves in New Zealand

As global temperatures rise, New Zealand will see heatwaves with increased intensity, frequency and duration. Heatwaves are measured when unseasonably high maximum and minimum temperatures remain for more than three days.1

This excessive heat can cause discomfort from day, into night. People who work outside are also placed at greater risk. When a heatwave occurs, the question of how to stay cool becomes a priority. Whilst staying inside goes a long way, maintaining a comfortable temperature in the home can be easier said than done.

Keep reading for our advice on how to stay cool in summer during a New Zealand heatwave.


Tips on how to stay cool in summer

If you’re struggling with the temperature during a heatwave or simply on a hot summer’s day – you’re not the only one. Extreme temperatures can have a real impact on how we feel and function during daily life. Here are our top tips on how to keep your home cool in summer.

① Stay hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated is an important step in staying cool when temperatures soar. Aim to drink at least two litres per day, avoiding alcohol, caffeine and hot drinks. Upping your intake of minerals like sodium, potassium and magnesium can help too, as drinks rich in minerals help to hydrate on a cellular level.

② Beat the heat with an air purifier

Figuring out how to keep the house cool in summer can be tricky during a heatwave, and hot summer nights bring a challenge of their own. To beat the heat, we recommend enlisting Dyson Purifier Cool™ Formaldehyde purifying fan. With Air Multiplier™ technology and 350-degree oscillation, Dyson Purifier Cool™ Formaldehyde projects air around the whole room2 to cool you, whilst simultaneously capturing 99.95% of pollutants3 that build up in the Summer heat such as smoke haze, gases4 and pollen. It has also been designed to be 20% quieter than previous models while maintaining optimal purification performance for a cooler, more peaceful night’s sleep.

③ Close curtains and shutters

Opening your windows to sunlight and breeze might seem like it’s helping, but this can create a greenhouse effect during a heatwave – with up to 30% of unwanted heat gain attributed to windows.5 It’s best to keep windows, curtains or shutters closed during the day to minimise the amount of sunlight entering the home. If temperatures dip during the night, this is the time to allow cooler air to circulate before closing them up again in the morning. However, temperatures typically stay high overnight during a heatwave.


See what Dyson Purifying fans can do for you this summer

  • A close-up of the LCD screen on a Dyson air purifier.

    Senses and reports automatically

    Most indoor pollutants can't be seen or smelled. Dyson air purifiers constantly monitor your indoor air quality – automatically sensing airborne particles and then displaying real-time reports on the LCD screen for proof of cleaner air.

  • A Dyson purifier on top of a box with no pollutants leaking out.

    Whole-machine sealed

    In our latest air purifiers it's not just the filter that's sealed to HEPA 13 standard, it's the whole machine.7 This prevents pollutants from being expelled back into the room after they've been removed from the airflow. So what goes inside, stays inside.

  • A man and woman setting the table in an open plan kitchen and dining area

    Purifies the whole room

    Only Dyson air purifiers are engineered with Air Multiplier™ technology, to draw in distant pollutants and project 290 litres per second of purified air into every corner of the room.2

  • A Dyson machine in bedroom night time cooling off person sleeping in bed

    Night mode

    20% quieter than the previous model, so you can rest easy. Select Dyson Purifiers have night mode to purify using the quietest setting, with a dimmed display and are also MyDyson™ App compatible so you can set timers based on your sleep schedule.

Discover which purifier is right for you

Using our online tool to discover a purifier that suits your home and needs.


Choose your model

    Purifies, heats and cools you.

    Advanced automatic sensing of airborne particles and gases, including formaldehyde.

    Advanced filtration with HEPA 13, Activated carbon and SCO filters.

    Projects purified air across the whole room.4

    Control and monitor your air quality from anywhere with the MyDyson™ app.

    H 764mm x L 130mm x W 248mm

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    Purifies the room and cools you.

    Automatically senses airborne particles and dust.

    Automatic filtration with HEPA 13 360° Glass+Carbon filter.

    Projects purified air across the whole room.1

    Magnetic remote control for easy storage.

    H 1050mm x L 120mm x W 204mm

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    Purifies the room and cools you.

    Automatically senses airborne particles and gases.

    Automatic filtration with HEPA 13 360° Glass+Carbon filter.

    Projects purified air across the whole room.1

    Control and monitor your air quality from anywhere with the MyDyson™ app.

    H 1050mm x L 120mm x W 204mm

Discover bundle options and save up to $500 on your second machine.
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    Quickly cools you and heats the room.

    Air Multiplier™ technology for powerful airflow.

    Jet focus control for personal or whole-room heating and cooling.

    Smooth oscillation.

    Remote control with 10 airflow settings.

    H 595mm x L 113mm x W 153mm



Frequently asked questions

No, Dyson fans and purifiers are not air conditioner units and therefore not designed to lower the room’s ambient temperature. Instead, Dyson products help to support the body’s natural cooling function by helping water evaporate from your skin. This in turn transfers heat from your body, making you feel cooler. Our devices provide you and your home with a powerful, targeted and pure cooling air flow.

Our purifier fans use Dyson Air Multiplier™ technology which generates the circulation power to draw even far-away pollutants into the machine, projecting purified air throughout the room.2 Because our air purifiers don’t have fast-spinning blades or grilles like conventional fans, they are safe and simple to clean.

Thanks to the bladeless design, Dyson air purifiers are engineered to ensure even the lightest sleepers can get a restful night’s sleep. During heatwaves, hot overnight temperatures can disrupt deep wave and REM sleep, leading to a restless night. Dyson Purifiers are 20% quieter than the previous generation so it can cool you without disturbing your sleep. And with the sleep timer feature, you can program it to turn off after preset intervals between 15 minutes and 9 hours.

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2In maximum setting. Tested for air projection, purification coverage in a 81m3.
3Tested for filtration efficiency at 0.1 microns (EN1822).
4Gas capture rates may vary.
7Particle challenge by DEHS oil specified in EN1822 within a chamber specified in ASTM F3150. Tested in Max Mode at IBR US, for whole machine efficiency above 99.95%.