Dyson Zone

Dyzon Zone
Pure air. Pure audio. Anywhere.

Immersive, high fidelity sound with advance noise cancellation.
Purified air on the go.
Connect to the MyDyson™ app for real-time environment updates.

Side view of man as he wears Dyson Zone headphones with air purification.

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Only at Dyson

    Contact-free visor channels purified air to your nose and mouth

    High-fidelity audio with active noise cancelling

    Only at Dyson: Exclusive Prussian Blue and Bright Copper edition with an additional explorer travel case, in-flight adaptor kit, soft pouch and 2 extra Electrostatic Carbon Filters (4 filters in total).

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    Immersive, high fidelity sound with active noise cancelling.

    Clean, rich audio, minimises distortion.

    Crystal clear calls with Bluetooth connectivity.

    Contact-free visor, breathe purified air on the go.

    Up to 50 hours audio with ANC1

Get a Supersonic Origin for $449 when you add this product to cart.
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Frequently asked questions

The visor can be wiped clean, as can the full product. The ear cushions are removable if required.

Both the visor and headband can be adjusted for best fit. The Dyson Zone™ headphones with air purification have been relentlessly tested in development for different head and face geometries.

The three ANC modes are Isolation mode, Conversation mode and Transparency mode. Isolation mode provides the highest level of active noise cancellation to deliver a rich, immersive audio experience – for example when you might need to concentrate on the task at hand. Conversation mode automatically activates when you dip the visor – turning purification off to conserve battery power and amplify the conversation. Transparency mode enables greater awareness of your surroundings, by boosting audio frequencies so you can hear while wearing the product.

The lifetime of your filters will depend on the level of air pollution they are exposed to. Your MyDyson™ app will let you know when your filters need changing.

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