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Control your Dyson purifier with Google Assistant

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After linking Google Assistant with your Dyson account, you can control your smart Dyson purifier using just your voice. You can also create a routine in the MyDyson™ App that automates how your purifier works with other devices in your home.
It's quick and easy to set up.

  • 1. Install Google Home app

    You can do this by touching and holding the home button on eligible Android™ phones or download the Google Home app on the App Store.

  • 2. Connect to your MyDyson™ account

    Once you've enabled Google Assistant, you can connect it to your MyDyson™ App, using the same details.

  • 3. Use Google Assistant to control your Dyson machine

    Now you can start controlling your Dyson machines with a Google Assistant-enabled device using just your voice.

  • 4. Create routines and groups

    You can set routines in the MyDyson™ App that automate how your Dyson machine works with a chosen command, and create a group of machines that operate simultaneously.

Man on a sofa asking Dyson purifier to purify a room.

How to control your Dyson purifier by voice

  • Some things you can say:
    After you’ve linked your machine to your Google Assistant-enabled
    device, try saying “Hey Google", followed by:

    "Turn on my purifier"
    "Set the fan speed to five"
    "Increase the temperature"
    "Turn off humidification on the purifier"
    “Raise the fan speed”
    "Turn off the purifier"

  • Compatible Dyson machines

"Turn on my purifier"
“Turn on the fan”
"Turn off the purifier"
"Turn off humidification on the purifier"
“Turn off the fan”
“Raise the fan speed”
“Make the fan speed lower”
“Lower the fan speed”
“Make the fan speed higher”
“Set fan to 5”
"Set the fan speed to five"
"Set the bedroom fan speed to 7"
"Raise the bedroom fan speed"
"Lower the bedroom fan speed"
“What is the fan speed?”
"Turn up the temperature."
"Increase the temperature"
"Make it warmer in here"
"Make it cooler in here"
“Set the temperature to 20 degrees”
“Set the temperature to 72 degrees”
“What is the temperature set to?”
"Turn off the heat"

Also compatible with:

  • Amazon Alexa logo

    Amazon Alexa

    Ask Alexa to enable the Dyson skill, to control your Dyson purifier. And set a routine that automates how your machine works with other devices in your home.

  • Siri logo

    Siri Shortcuts

    Connect your Dyson machines to Siri Shortcuts and you’ll be able to control them with your voice, on your Apple device. You can also link shortcuts for example, to turn off multiple machines at the same time.

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