Control your Dyson purifier with Siri

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Set up Siri Shortcuts, to control your smart Dyson purifier. You can also create a routine that automates how your purifier works with other devices in your home.
It's quick and easy to set up.

  • 1. Connect to Siri

    Turn on Siri on your Apple device.

  • 2. Visit your MyDyson™ account

    Create Siri Shortcuts in the MyDyson™ App. You don't need to link your account.

  • 3. Use Siri Shortcuts to control your Dyson machine

    Now you can start controlling your Siri Shortcuts-enabled machines with your voice.

  • 4. Create routines and groups

    You can set routines that automate how your Dyson machine works with a chosen command, and create a group of machines that operate simultaneously.

Man on a sofa asking Dyson purifier to purify a room.

How to control your Dyson purifier by voice

Also compatible with:

  • Amazon Alexa logo

    Amazon Alexa

    Ask Alexa to enable the Dyson skill, to control your Dyson purifier. And set a routine that automates how your machine works with other devices in your home.

  • Amazon Alexa logo

    Ok Google

    Just say “Ok Google” and you can use Google Assistant to control all your connected Dyson machines with your voice.

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