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Powering your machine

The Dyson V11™ battery and monitoring system work together to gauge how much run time is remaining.

The system calculates run time using an algorithm that ‘learns’ how your machine works over time. This could mean that initial run times shown may not reach the figures quoted while the algorithm adjusts to the battery. As it learns, however, it will more accurately gauge how much power remains.

Dyson V11™ vacuum LCD screen showing remaining run time

Battery performance

All batteries differ and may vary during their lifetime. Run time can be affected by the cleaning mode you use and the different power draw on varied surfaces – long-pile carpets will draw more power than short pile, for example. In addition, all batteries naturally differ slightly from one another, affecting the amount of power they can produce.

You can help preserve the run time and overall life of your battery by using the power mode best suited to your cleaning task, and only using Boost mode for intensive cleaning.

Cutaway diagram of Dyson V11™ vacuum trigger and battery

For more information on batteries, please get in touch.